Castle Rock, CO Criminal Law Defense Attorney

The Law Office of Lori Crystal LLC has worked on hundreds of Criminal Law cases. She understands how difficult it can be for you to face a Criminal Law charge. The police are not your friends; and you may have been manipulated into your current situation. It may be extremely difficult and worrisome to you that you could be under investigation and not know it; or you may need further legal counsel to better understand what real aggressive representation you may need to build and defend your case. Remember, your innocent until proven guilty; and you may have not even committed a real crime.

All of this may also be affecting your daily emotional and financial quality of life. We want to help put your mind at ease knowing you have the most effective legal defense team in town to protect your rights. Your criminal case will be analyzed for the best defense possible; both from a litigation standpoint and from a sentence mitigation mode. Ignoring either prong of the assessment could result in disaster or lead to unutilized potential defenses or sentence. She will take the time to investigate and thoroughly research your case, and what evidence can be used to your advantage. She will turn over every unturned stone in understanding the prosecutions intent, witness accounts and all evidence. She will work hard for you to deal with the prosecution and court aggressively to help turn the tables to your advantage. Attorney Lori Crystals objective is to defend your case in court, keep you out of jail and help you move on with your life.

Any criminal charges like: DUI charges to assault, or drug crimes to the most complex criminal matters can be a big problem in your life. Attorney Lori Crystal knows how to defend her client’s interests in any Criminal Law legal situation. She will work for you by investigating all the facts of your case. She will develop an effective strategy toward your case; and will do everything in her power to achieve the results you’re looking for.

We are here to assist you now with your Criminal defense case. Attorney Lori Crystal’s passion is to help her clients attain a desirable result for their Criminal Law case and to have a satisfactory and content outcome. Contact the Law Office of Lori Crystal LLC. in Castle Rock, CO. at 303-660-9056 for a consultation today.