Why hire me?

I’m not the right lawyer for everybody. I know that. I’m selective and you should be too. There are thousands of lawyers in the State of Colorado. So what’s different about my office?

I’m the only lawyer in my office. Sure in case of emergency, there are plans, but the important thing for the client is that when I’m the lawyer you hire, I’m the lawyer working your case, I’m the lawyer showing up in court. I’m the lawyer who returns your calls.

I have an Assistant who has been with me for over twelve years. His job can’t be taken over by a computer because it requires a combination of quick wit and deep empathy. When people call our office for the first time, they are not always at their best. No crisis counselor has better calming skills than Jim.

I listen. I put down my pen (or these days quit typing) and listen to what the client, the witness, the opposing attorney is saying. If you’re not listening to the client you won’t appreciate what the goals are. If you’re not listening to the witness, you’ll miss the important evidence.

I prepare. Few cases are successfully resolved without diligent preparation and attention to detail.

I love my work. I’ve been practicing in Castle Rock, Colorado (county seat for Douglas county) for 22 years. Most of my referrals come from referrals from other lawyers and past clients.

Call today. Office hours 9-5 M-F – Evening and Weekends by appointment